The new 2019 Ram 1500

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Aero Warrior

The first move in redesigning a 21st-century truck is to shed weight. Ram started with the ladder frame, which it claims is 100 pounds lighter than before thanks to wider use of high-strength steel and an aluminum transmission crossmember. Overall weight savings total a claimed 225 pounds on the volume model, a V-8 crew-cab 4×4. The next step is to make everything around the structure look better, and the mostly steel body—save the aluminum hood and tailgate—is visually sleeker. Next, make it more aero friendly. To accomplish this, Ram raked the windshield another 2 degrees versus that of the outgoing model. A venturi roof design smooths airflow over the bed, the sides of which are 1.5 inches taller to reduce the parachute effect. Redesigned active grille shutters help the new Ram slice through air; they remain closed in cold temperatures to heat the engine as rapidly as possible.

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